Physical Therapy

Many patients require a rehab program involving physical therapy to resume an active lifestyle.

Hamilton Orthopaedics Department of Physical Therapy is a fully updated clinic with all of the essential tools necessary to provide our patients with the highest quality of care. Our goal is to empower every patient and to make them an active participant in their individualized rehabilitation program. Our well-trained and highly skilled therapists work directly with Drs. Gowan, Zahn, Meeks, Marson, Buckley, LaFrance, and Hu formulating patient-specific rehabilitation programs. Therapists work one on one with every patient in order to allow for return to athletics, recreation, work, and normal daily living. Physician assistants and nurses are readily available to address our patients’ physical therapy related medical needs.

Additional services offered in the Department of Physical Therapy include functional capacity evaluations to assess appropriate level of return to work. Pre-operative consultations are provided for knee and ankle ligament reconstruction as well as knee and hip joint replacement. These consultations provide our patients with valuable knowledge and the skills necessary to safely function immediately following surgery. Proper exercise is demonstrated for patients to get the best start on their rehabilitation process. Custom and off-the-shelf brace fitting is available to protect, support and aid in return of function.

physical therapy

We have five licensed physical therapists on staff, and a large selection of the newest equipment. Our spacious facility has a friendly, motivating atmosphere.

At Hamilton Orthopaedics, the physical therapy team provides the best possible care. Patients can expect an optimal treatment outcome.