Using the best evidence based programs are important in successful postoperative recovery. Standards of care following surgery need to be communicated from surgeon to physical therapist to assure patients progress appropriately.

A physical therapist must respect the guidelines from the operating surgeon since they know the ins and outs of the surgery performed. Many variations exists in the types of surgery done and the patients response to it. The “rehabilitation must match the surgery” for optimal gains.

Random therapy and not following the surgical protocol can often lead to sub-optimal outcomes. A well designed and carried out postoperative protocol will set the patient up for best success in returning to prior level of function.

We have several post-operative protocols in place based on decades of research, scientific evidence, experience, and mentorship with world renown physical therapists and surgeons. There are several variations of protocols to account for the many specific procedures and concomitant surgeries. To view protocols put in place by your physician, please click their photo below.

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