Sports Medicine

Orthopaedics involves the complete care of your musculoskeletal system. This includes the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries to your muscles and bones.

Sports Medicine is a specialization of that discipline. It is concerned with the unique demands of a group of patients who need, or want, to return to active athletics. This includes anyone who is physically active or who has a physically demanding job, such as a self-employed farmer. In essence, the physicians and staff of this practice are concerned with doing whatever it takes to help their patients resume a full range of activities.

What is interesting about Sports Medicine is that it is a field of medicine that requires both an understanding of, and interest in sports and an intimate knowledge of what is available for helping the injured athlete.

For example, a pitcher whose shoulder continually dislocates is going to require a considerably different treatment and rehabilitation program than an office worker. The same goes for a running back with torn ligaments in his knee, or the tennis player who breaks a wrist.

Sports Medicine

In all cases there is a need to know the latest surgical and reconstructive techniques, the most advanced bracing mechanisms, the most effective therapeutic modalities and most importantly:

What it’s going to take to get that person
back to playing their sport well.

Our physicians’ interest in Sports Medicine is grounded in a lifetime of active participation in a variety of sports, including football, track, baseball, soccer, rugby, tennis, skiing, windsurfing, wrestling, softball, swimming, ice hockey and mountain climbing. And, their knowledge has come from outstanding educational careers with some of the country’s top Sports Medicine physicians and from successful application of their profession here in Hamilton.