Phase 1 (0-7 days post-op)

  • Posterior splint elbow extended.
  • Wrist and hand gripping exercises.

Phase II (1 week through 6 weeks post-op)

  • Post op brace locked when not working on therapy exercises.
  • No formal physical therapy needed during this phase.
  • May unlock brace 3-4 times daily for passive elbow extension and active assisted elbow flexion up to 70 degrees.
  • No active elbow extension.
  • Shoulder PROM, AAROM, and AROM as tolerated in all planes.
  • Scapular retraction and shoulder shrugs.
  • Active wrist flexion, extension, pronation and supination.
  • Gripping exercises.

Phase III (6 weeks post-op)

  • Begin active elbow extension.
  • Begin sub-maximal co-contraction exercises of biceps and triceps.
  • Elbow flexion PROM to progress as follows.
  • 6 weeks: PROM to 70 degrees.
  • 7 weeks: PROM to 90 degrees.
  • 8 weeks: PROM to 110 degrees.
  • 9 weeks: PROM to 130 degrees, etc.
  • Full elbow flexion achieved by approximately 12 weeks post-op.
  • Begin light elbow flexion with resistance within allowed range.
  • Full shoulder active range of motion.
  • Active scapular retraction and resisted rotator cuff program.

Phase IV (12 weeks post-op)

  • Triceps light isotonics progressing 1 pound per week begin at week 12.
  • Initiate UBE.

Phase V (16 weeks post-op)

  • Progressive strengthening as tolerated.
  • Functional progression to athletic activity.
  • Return to full participation in athletic activity at 5 months post-op.