Dr. Gowan Receives Silver Puck

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March 13, 2020

Dr. Gowan Receives Silver Puck

Dr. Gowan Receives Silver Puck

Local Orthopedic Surgeon Honored by Silver Puck Club

HAMILTON – The Colgate men's hockey program and the Silver Puck Club honored Dr. Ivan D. Gowan with its annual Silver Puck Award on Saturday night at the Hall of Presidents on campus.

Dr. Gowan has been affiliated with Colgate University and Colgate hockey for 29 years.

In the summer of 1984 he opened Hamilton Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine and since then has been officially designated the orthopedic consultant for Colgate's athletics teams. Prior to opening up his practice, he worked with team physicians with many Los Angeles sports organizations, including the Dodgers, Rams, Lakers, Kings and Angels.

He has unselfishly donated his time to countless Colgate athletic events, but has a special place in his heart for Colgate Hockey. He continues to operate a free clinic for Colgate Student-Athletes twice a week. While he certainly has benefited on the business side of his affiliation with Colgate Athletics, there is no doubt that he has given much more than he has received.

Dr. Gowan has performed surgery on a lot of student-athletes, including multiple hockey players with many returning to their respective careers following surgery.

"Dr. Gowan has been a constant in the Colgate Hockey program for years," Head coach Don Vaughan said. "He has provided more than just excellent medical care to hundreds of Colgate Hockey players."

He is an avid sports fan, who still plays hockey twice a week in Morrisville, N.Y., as the long-time organizer of the Hamilton Men's Group.

"He is a passionate fan who unselfishly donates his time to countless Colgate athletic events and he consistently goes above and beyond to help our student athletes heal and get back to doing what they love," Vaughan said. "In the spirit of The Silver Puck Award I can think of few people more deserving of this honor than Dr. Gowan."

Dr. Gowan is a member of the Colgate Class of 1974 and graduated from the Cornell Medical College in 1978.

The Raiders are back on the ice this weekend with a visit to Union and Rensselaer.

Original story posted on Colgates University Athletics website at: http://gocolgateraiders.com/news/2013/11/4/MHOCKEY_1104132135.aspx