Pre-op instructions:

  • Move objects you may need after surgery to avoid reaching or bending.
  • Remove throw rugs for your safety. Arrange for transportation and help with chores. If you have stairs, set up a bed on the ground level. Pick a seat/chair with a solid back, seat, and arms to allow for easier transfers.

Acute Phase (Day 1-2):

  • Hospital stay: 1 day
  • Sponge bathing (to keep incision dry) is to be performed until physician instructs otherwise at follow-up appointment.
  • Removal of outer dressing can be performed in the evening of day 2.
  • TED stocking to be worn most of the time. Only removed 2-3 times per day for ½ hour to wash legs.
  • Do ankle pumps on an hourly basis to promote circulation.
  • Incentive spirometry 4 times daily.
  • Continue to take prescribed pain medication and to use ice as needed for pain control.
  • Call primary care physician about resuming post-op medications, including blood thinners.
  • Therapeutic exercises include walking to tolerance.
  • Precautions: Sitting (with good posture) no longer than 20 minutes at a time, no bending, lifting, pulling, pushing, climbing, or driving.

Red Flags:

If you develop fever, chills, malaise, shortness of breath, excessive draining, redness, or extreme pain and tenderness in calf region contact physician (315) 824-1250.

Subacute Phase (1-2 weeks):

  • Physical therapy pending M.D. follow-up evaluation and recommendations (for posture correction, conditioning, gait training, and returning to activities of daily living).
  • Continue walking program to tolerance.