Acute Phase: 1 day - 3 weeks

  • Hospital stay: ambulatory for 23 hours
  • Post-operative Aspen collar will be fit pre-operatively
  • Hospital instructions will be given
  • Dressing change will occur at home every other day
  • Sponge bathing (to keep incision dry) is to be performed for 2 weeks
  • Neck brace to be worn at all times until M.D. indicates otherwise. Follow-up appointment at 2 weeks post-operatively
  • When ordered, TED stocking to be worn most of the time. Only removed 2-3 times per day for ½ hour
  • Continue to take prescribed pain medication and use antibiotics (until gone)
  • Pain management units (TENS units & e-stimulators) may be used per M.D. discretion and will be set up and fit by representatives (EMPI)
  • Bone stimulators may be used per M.D. discretion and will be fit and set up by representative (EBI)
  • Call office to set up post-operative visit (315) 824-1250.


No bending, lifting, pulling, pushing, climbing, or driving

Red Flags:

If you develop fever, chills, malaise, shortness of breath, excessive drainage, redness, or extreme pain and tenderness in calf region contact physician (315) 824-1250.

Remodeling Phase: 7+ weeks

  • Begin physical therapy pending M.D. follow-up evaluation and recommendations
  • Eventual discharge to independent home programming and continued self-treatment at 8-12 weeks post-operatively
  • Return to prior level of functional and work-related activities (pending M.D. orders and release)
  • Extremes of flexion are to be avoided
  • When indicated, restoration of any relevant MMT deficits at the extremities
  • Positions and activities of loaded axial compression are to be avoided
  • When indicated, neural glides to restore normal neural mobility and prevent neural adhesion
  • When indicated, balance, proprioception and gait training