Vestibular Rehabilitation by a certified vestibular specialist, Suzanne W. Buschor, PT, DPT.

Dizziness and vertigo can affect 1 out of 2 individuals at any given time. The most common cause of these symptoms is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. It can occur for no apparent reason and at any age group, however, it is more common in those over 60.

It is often the cause of a fall which can cause various orthopaedic injuries.

Many can also awake post operatively following joint or spinal surgery with symptoms of positional vertigo.

Vertigo and dizziness can lead to unsteadiness and imbalance and can result in additional falls leading to further injury, especially in those who are older.

Positional vertigo and dizziness can often be treated and corrected in just a few therapy visits, improving the quality of life of those affected, both with regards to their orthopaedic care and their ability to function safely and independently within their home.

There is one simple screening questions to ask to identify those who may benefit:

Do you have dizziness or experience a spinning sensation when you roll over in bed, or rise from bed in the morning?

If they report yes, a referral to Physical Therapy for a Vestibular Rehabilitation Assessment could significantly help improve/resolve these symptoms, improving the quality of life and decreasing the risk of falls in your patients.

Please consider a referral to physical therapy with the diagnosis of positional vertigo, imbalance, BPPV.